102 years old, that’s a lot of candles!


My four year old son looked at me today and said, mommy you are seventeen, right? Of course I respond saying, I wish buddy. First mistake! He then looks at me and says, well then you must be one hundred and two. I must say, I look pretty darn good for my age. In all honesty though some days I feel like I am 102, other days I could pass as a 17 year old. My son and I had a good laugh about it after I pretended to walk with a cane and talk in my elderly lady voice. I then proceeded to chase him with my cane. Serious mom points are awarded when you get your silly on!

After the entire 102 incident happened, I got to thinking that being a single mother that works full time does make me feel aged. I love my children, our amazing cast of family and friends and I’m lucky enough to work where my children go to school. Some days are super hectic and blurry though. I feel like I need that cane at the end of the day to keep me from falling down. I worry that my children sometimes see me as a mother that is all work and no fun.

This is where my inner 17 year old comes out. The girl that jokes and dreams big because without the laughter and the positivity there would only be chaos. No matter how crazy our day has been it always ends with some kind of a silly story and a smile.I can only hope that my children see a balance between my positive fun side and my hard working serious side. I love the fact that I am raising children that are dreamers, artists and have vivid imaginations. I’m sure one day they will be independent strong individuals.

At the end of this day no matter how hectic or chaotic it was, I’m smiling over the moment that my son and I had this morning. Embracing imagination and playing along with my sons silly comment lit his little face right up. At 17, 28 or 102 I will never be to old or to serious to be silly.


4 thoughts on “102 years old, that’s a lot of candles!

  1. That is a really sweet story. I’m a working mom too, which is what I blog about. I’m always letting my “17-year old” self out. It’s a great way to stay sane and be able to laugh.

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