What my daughter has taught me on this crazy journey called parenting



My daughter is clever, funny, artistic, kind and caring. She has an old soul and is growing up way faster than I had anticipated. I’ve come to realize lately that my daughter and I share quite a few similarities. We both appreciate artistic expression and music. We genuinely care about people and feel a need to make sure that everything is very zen in our relationships. She is quite sarcastic at times, unfortunately that also comes from me.

Sarcasm has always been my safety net. When I feel upset or frustrated I use sarcasm to avoid negative feelings. At first my daughter would say are you being serious or silly mom? or mom you are strange. I always laugh remembering theses times. My sweet daughter however caught on to my sarcastic nature at about the age of five. She now dishes it back just as fast as I spew it out. I really can’t blame the girl though.

I see so much of myself in my girl. If I had of been asked seven years ago if I would like to raise a daughter and have her turn out like me, I would have said absolutely not! I had not been to post secondary school, I was about to be a single mother which I deemed as unacceptable and I lacked confidence.


The day my daughter was born I was overcome with joy and love. It’s amazing how quickly you fall completely in love with your child. I knew from that moment on that I was going on this amazing yet terrifying journey. I knew that I wanted to become the woman who I would want to look up to.

Although my daughter was not in the plans she definitely changed my life for the best. I would not change a single thing even if I could. She gave me the courage to pursue post secondary and lived the roller coaster ride of a college student with me. Sometimes it was tough skipping out on pub but having a two-year old at home-made it worth it.


I’ve also learned that it is ok to be a single mother. This took some time and tears. I thought I had met the love of my life and quickly settled into playing house. Then came my son, the second light of my life. After I realized I was forcing myself to stay in an abusive relationship just because I didn’t want to be stereotyped as a single mom I made the decision to try life on my own again. I was afraid of the stereotype inflicted by society. I mean there are some terrible single parents but there are also some truly amazing single parents. Looking at my children and how they are growing shows me that I am doing a damn good job as mom and dad (most of the time) and that they are going to be just fine.

If I were to be asked now if I am happy that my daughter is turning out like me I would say absolutely. Sometimes we are stubborn, catty and just a down right pain but I know my girl will be able to handle anything that life throws her way.


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