Daddy, I love you


Hey T, could you let S know daddy loves her and misses her? Thanks 🙂

The first time I’ve heard from my daughter’s father in almost three weeks. This is the text message that he sends. I feel like saying I tell our daughter I love her multiple times a day, she needs to hear it from you! However, I reply maybe you should call her soon. He simply says, life has been so busy, honestly I’ve been meaning to.

How would I explain my busy life to an onlooker? I was just to busy after work to feed the children. Sorry had to get the shopping done so I couldn’t pick up the children from school. I could never be so busy that I would neglect my duty as a parent. Reality is I have to plan my life around my children, after all they do come first.

Where is the sense of duty? My beautiful daughter is seven and her father came back into her life about a year ago. She has embraced her father with open arms and has never once questioned where he was for the first six years of her life. I’m happy she has such a kind open heart.

I grew up without ever having met my father. So I know how important it is to a little girl to want to get to know her daddy. I spent many nights wondering what my dad was like. What did he love to do, what colour did he like, was he tall or was he short. I would accept any piece of information I was given and I would store it away. Many years later I have come to terms with the absence of my father. However, it is still a lurking question in my mind.

I wish my daughter’s father could understand how important it is for him to be in his little girls life consistently. As of now she understands but will she always? I can offer her all of my love and support and show her how special she is to me. It saddens my heart that her father is just to busy for that.


2 thoughts on “Daddy, I love you

  1. jppjx2

    This was so well written, hits so close to home, sienna will always appreciate that you’ve been the one there for her 24/7 *hugs momma*

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