Guilty pleasure of the “selfish beast”



Forgive me for I have sinned. If you were to look in my closet you’d see six new pairs of pants, four super cute tops, an owl scarf, a cute owl necklace and a beautiful new turquoise purse. I love my new purchases. I feel beautiful in my new outfits, which is a feeling that I haven’t had lately. I won’t have to shop again for a while or be able to afford it as a matter of fact.

As much as I love my new purchases though I feel a huge pit of guilt in my stomach. I can’t belive I spent so much money on myself. I’m very careful with our families money because I know how much it takes to raise children. Of course I still considered my budget during my huge shopping spree. My children definetly aren’t hurting or lacking in any way but I just feel that I should mainly purchase items for them.

In my last long term relationship whenever I would buy something for myself, my ex would call me selfish. I could have bought a new bra or a tube of mascara and all of a sudden I only thought of me, myself and I. Trying to convince yourself that it is ok to buy the things that you need and even want sometimes is a chore. After being verbally abused to the point of feeling like a selfish beast of a mother I still find myself justifying every little thing I buy.

My question is, should mothers (single or married) feel bad for treating themselves every once in a while?


3 thoughts on “Guilty pleasure of the “selfish beast”

  1. Absolutely, not. You can’t take money with you when you die so spend er while you got er. Live life to the absolute fullest for yourself (I include kids here) and not others. Making sure you and what is important to you is happy should be a top priority and if a new pair of pants or shirt floats your boat, so be it. For if we are not happy with ourselves, how can we expect others in our lives to be. Plus, Sienna just got a wicked new sparkle scarf and you didn’t get a thing. šŸ˜‰ it all works out.

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