The glass blowing experience



Going into the glass blowing studio with my four year old son and three year old nephew just about gave me a heart attack. I was really worried that they were going to bust one of the beautiful creations in the gallery. So when the artist behind the lovely pieces offered to show us a demo I was terrified. Would the boys be able to sit through this? I had always wanted to see how glass was blown, so I decided to give it a try with the little guys.

First the artist started off by showing us the two extremely hot machines that are made for melting the glass. The one is run year round and is made for melting/holding clear glass. The other melts the coloured glass into the clear glass. The second machine is fired up in the morning everyday. The temperature is insanely hot as he demonstrated by throwing a piece of paper in. The paper was engulfed in flames and was gone within seconds.

The artist then took a long tool and scraped some clear glass out of the first machine to show us. It looked just like honey. He then rolled the clear glass through broken pieces of brightly coloured glass and melted them together. Using his tools the man rolled the glass into a ball and created a bubble. He then created little swirls with another tool.

My nephew watched silently until the artist mentioned blowing glass. At this point he was saying, Auntie T we have to go. I’m not quite sure what he thought was going to happen. I however convinced him to stay and watch the rest. After the ball of glass was reheated the best part came. The man blew into the glass and made it blow up like a balloon.

My son stayed completely silent and focused until the man showed us the glass ornament that was made before our eyes. He became excited and told the man how cool it was to watch him blow up glass. My son wanted to keep the lovely ornament that was made in front of us. So after twenty hours in a hot oven we will be the proud owners of a beautiful new piece of art.

It was huge how engaged my son was watching this demo. Less then two years ago everybody and their neighbour was trying to diagnose my son with autism. Saying he just seemed to fit the mold. Looking at my son today you would never be able to tell that he is the same little boy from two years ago.

I’m very proud of my little man and the passion that he has for learning. Even if he were to be diagnosed with autism I would love him just the same. He’s a little boy with lots of emotion, sometimes that comes out negatively and sometimes it comes out positively. The key factor is that he is a four year old boy just being a child and I am very proud to call myself his momma.


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