A place created just for me


Juggler by definition: to manage or alternate the requirements of (two or more tasks, responsibilities, activities, etc.) so as to handle each adequately

I’ll admit that I try to juggle objects but I’m pretty clumsy and I usually end up dropping them. However, I do live a full life that keeps me juggling responsibilities and tasks quite often.

Tiffany by (my)definition: mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, employee, graduate, laundry lady, dish doer, mommy taxi, book reader, hand holder, lover, sometimes fighter, crafty, passionate, party planner, bill payer, and most of all juggler.

When I look at the definition of myself I notice that most of the things that I instinctively listed are things I am to others. My children are my world and I will write about them quite often. They keep me on my toes and fill my life with light. My family is also extremely important to me through thick and thin. My career lets me work with not only my own children but also with other brilliant creative little minds. I embrace each of these rolls with a smile on my face each and everyday because I wouldn’t change a thing even if I could.

I created this blog to have a space that is completely for me. I’ve always been the person that makes everyone else around me happy. Don’t get me wrong I love seeing others happy but I need an outlet for my thoughts and stories. I’m on a journey to figure out just exactly who I am.

My entire life I have struggled with anxiety, I wasn’t properly informed of my mental illness up until about two years ago. I remember wishing that I could just be a mermaid, swimming in the ocean carefree and happy. I spent a lot of years over thinking and over analyzing and being told to just stop. Anxiety definitely has played a huge role in my life but it does not define me.

I’m looking forward to sharing my journey as a single mother and woman that has triumphed over a mental illness. I would love to connect and hear from others that share similar interests, have dealt with a mental illness, a network of parents and just anyone that has a positive outlook on life.

Nice to meet you, T


5 thoughts on “A place created just for me

  1. congratulations on starting your journey! It’s one of the most rewarding and important things you’ll do for you and the others who share your life. Maybe not the easiest, but definitely worthwhile.

  2. I’m a new mom and I have such a great respect for single moms. I think you all have superowers! I found your blog through zerotohero and just finished writing the Day 1 assignment. Yes, I know, I’m late! But I’d appreciate if you could take a look 🙂 Thanks!

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