Mermaid for a day



Growing up I always felt very withdrawn from others. I over thought every little detail of every little thing. Thinking around and around in circles made it easier to be an introvert then an extrovert. I was constantly afraid that I would say the wrong thing. I also grew up in a pretty hostile environment. My parents, bless their souls were not good at communicating. I remember a lot of fighting and hard times in our home. Some days it seemed easier to hide away in my bedroom and daydream. While I was daydreaming I was in my safe place.

I really loved the movie the little mermaid it made me laugh,cry and imagine a world beyond my own. Ariel seemed so free and full of spirit swimming through the underwater world. She defied her father and followed her dreams. I knew that when I grew up I was going to be a mermaid. I would be courageous and spirited just like Ariel.

Now that I’m grown, I know that I can’t be a mermaid. However, the odd time you’ll still find me daydreaming when times get rough.



4 thoughts on “Mermaid for a day

  1. A really smart person once told me that as kids our parents are suppose to disappoint us. It gives us a passion to surpass them, and become better than they ever could be. You are just like Ariel already, I don’t know many people more courageous and free spirited person than you.

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