Hairy like bear


Thanks to the world of online dating, I’ve been talking to a new guy. I’m not a huge fan of online dating but honestly being a working single parent where else am I going to connect with someone? So I met D, he seems really down to earth and kind heart. He seems pretty great considering a good 90% of my messages consist of hey you have nice eyes wanna have some fun. Oh the romance. Yes please, sign me up!

So I have an ice breaker question, I ask the person I’m interested in to tell me 5 random facts about themselves. It sounds simple but when you actually make your list it is pretty hard. Remember you are trying to sell yourself to the other person. So, I asked D to tell me his 5 random facts. His first fact was that is hairy and his last fact was that he is like a big teddy bear. Hmm, this is what I think of….


I hate to sound shallow but I think that telling someone how hairy you are is a bit of a turn off! Kudos to him for being so honest though. It takes a brave soul to be completely honest when talking to a stranger. I’ve decided that I probably won’t go on a date with D. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m shallow, I’m just not ready to seriously date or if my anxiety is getting the best of me. I think it’s probably a good mix of all three. I honestly hope that one day I will just meet Mr Right at the grocery store. Wishful thinking!


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