Thank goodness for good girlfriends


I just sent my son off with J, his new girlfriend and their children (which used to be my step children). Everytime I send him with J I feel sick to my stomach. I don’t know if it is because my son begs me to not send him or if it is because I know that J is a terribly manipulative person. Either way I usually worry the entire time my boy is gone!

My daughter has gone off with her grandpatents on her fathers side. I’m happy they took her for the night. It’s a long overdue visit for them. We had our big family easter festivities yesterday and today. The egg hunt was a hit! Dinner was delicious and family time was interesting as always. It’s rare to see all the cousins together.


At the end of the day though when both of my children had gone, I thought well what now?

Thank goodness for good girlfriends. I decided that a visit with one of my oldest and dearest friends was just what I needed. Therapy for the lonely mothers soul. I showed up during egg colouring and easter craft time. I got baby cuddles to remind me of the times when my guys were little bambinos. I also got to chat and busy my mind from thinking about my own children.


Honestly I could have went out to the bar or to a movie. However, a nice stress free catch up with my girlfriend is a kid free night well spent.


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