The tattered old slipper



Today I went shop hopping with my kiddos, both of them requesting more and more stuff as we went along.

I bought them each a new book in this cute little bookstore we visited this morning. My son has been excitedly telling me about a story called The day the crayons quit. I found the book and purchased it for us to read tonight. I think it’s important to read with your kiddos. Luckily my guys love books, high-five to them. We then went to the bakery and got some tasty donuts followed by lunch out but that just wasn’t enough.

While in the last store both kiddos asked for toys, candy, clothes… all the stuff they have! Neither one of them thanking me for the new books they got, the treat from the bakery or the lunch I took them out for. I mean I raised them with manners, why aren’t they using them?

While walking to the cash in the last store I heard a middle-aged woman laughing about the fact that she hadn’t even realized she wore her tattered old slippers to the store. They looked worn out and beaten up, the way I felt at the end of today’s shopping trip.

I feel like a tattered old stinky slipper today, I wish I felt like a sparkly new pair of running shoes.

Something needs to change!


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