Sparkly new running shoes


Sunday morning, I woke up in time to have a few minutes of me time! Peace and quiet. I watch my children sleep and hope they wake up with a positive attitude to start the day.

We had a good chat last night about feelings and appreciation. I felt really sad after leaving our shopping trip feeling unappreciated. The tattered old slipper will explain more in-depth how I felt.

After our shop hopping experience I asked both of my kiddos to spend some time in their own rooms. We all needed time to think about our actions and I needed a moment to feel upset. After our calm down time I talked to each of my kiddos one-on-one. We came to the conclusion that we need to be a team not just mom vs. the world.

As a mom I can only hope that our little chat made a big impact. We had family night last night without television or friends joining us, which was what we needed. We played crazy 8’s and read books until both kiddos were fast asleep in their book nook.

imageI gladly report that both of my kiddos woke up in a happy, positive mood. E went to work feeding the cats and S cleaned out the book nook. Both kiddos helped me make breakfast and clean up after we were finished.

Today I feel like a sparkly new pair of running shoes, possibly even a cute pair of heels.


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