Captain Asshat and the d-bags


Alright, I know I’m probably starting to sound like a bitter chick on a rant.. truth be told I really do think great guys exist. I just happen to interact with the cream of the crop. The d-bags as I like to call them.
imageThe hot mess is now being promoted to Captain Asshat! The winner above all others that I have dated since my last serious relationship. It’s been at least a year since he and I have actually seen or talked to each other. So, I was taken back when he messaged me out of the blue the other day. You can read about the first message in my previous blog post. I ignored the message assuming that he would get my message loud and clear.

However, the next day I received two more messages. The first one said, I heard you moved to a small town, its beautiful there. The second said, I hope your kids are well, it’s been a while. Have you heard of money for life from Sunlife Financial?

1) Don’t bring my children up in your message when you are clearly trying to sell me insurance.

2) Holy balls! What about I’m sorry for the way things ended Tiff, would you like to try to be friends?

Come on boys, did your parents not raise you with social skills? I mean at least butter me up a bit before you try to go in for the sale. It’s taken everything in me to not message The hot mess back to tell him what an asshat he is! I don’t want to validate his message in any kind of way though. I mean I would be curious to know what exactly one is thinking when they message an ex to sell them a Sunlife package. I probably wouldn’t get the answer though.

I’ve decided that I am just going to laugh about it and pray for him. Obviously, The hot mess is a mess! Maybe I’ll write feminist comics about the adventures of Captain Asshat and the d-bags. I could have all kinds of super powers like see right through you vision and expose you as a d-bag radar to name a few. Wishful thinking 🙂


4 thoughts on “Captain Asshat and the d-bags

  1. the entire time I read this, the old batman theme was running through my head. dun na na na dun nanana dun nanana ASSHAT! We should work on this comic. I think many women around the world would really relate to the topic lol

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