Kinder gardening



Here’s an update on our classroom garden project. To see the beginning click here. The children were really excited to see that our geranium slip had bloomed. However, no root system yet. Our cucumbers are doing great but looking a bit root bound. I need an indoor garden solution as we don’t have an outdoor space to use. The sunflowers are the biggest hit. The children can’t wait to give them to their moms for mother’s day in a few weeks.

I’m loving this experience with the children. Gardening has become a big interest of mine lately. I just planted some pansies in my own personal garden at home. Not only has this project been a learning experience for the children but it has also been a learning experience for myself.


8 thoughts on “Kinder gardening

  1. It looks like a great project! My early memories of school were filling in a lot of photocopied sheets… it’s great to see something like this.
    Some quick thoughts on your cucumbers…
    Your cucumbers will soon start to grow very fast, and you may want to think of a way to hang the vine up. In my greenhouse I tie a strong string to the structure above the plant and then train it to climb that string. (You could tie the vine to the string with pieces of cloth). If you have nothing strong to tie the string to, you might need a pole or something like it for a climbing structure. I would prune off the suckers so there is only one main stem (or else the suckers will branch and take over the whole space).
    As for transplanting them, I think you should do it sooner than later. Cucumbers don’t like their roots disturbed so try to be careful. They need frequent watering compared to many plants, so you might want to consider a simple self-watering system like a wick growing system. If you email me, I can point you to some instructions for making one–they are no harder than the bottle system you made.

    • Awesome! Thank you for the tips. I really want our veggies to grow..a self watering system would be great as there are long weekends and such when I’m not at the school. Using cloth is a great idea! We’ve had a few sunflowers snap on us even after I tied them up with bracelet cord.

      • For the self-watering wick system, I would take a rubbermaid container, cut 1 inch holes in the lid of it and fill it with water.
        Then transplant the cucumbers into a pot with a wick, set the pot on top of the rubbermaid container, with the wick going out of the pot and down into the rubbermaid.
        The plants will suck the water up through the wick into their pot, and water themselves. (I think a long weekend without care when the cucumbers are bigger will kill them.)
        Here is a blog post that contains slideshow instructions on how to build something similar (only instead of the lower pot, use the rubbermaid its easier and allows for a bigger reservoir). I think 1 rubbermaid per 2 cucumbers would work well.
        Please let me know if you try this and how well it works.

  2. I’m in the process of making the wick system for my cucumbers in the classroom! Do you just use any cut up towels for the wick?? I’m super excited to do this on Monday with the the kiddos.

    • Sorry, this’ll be a day late for you, then.

      Yes, an old towel should work well. Just tear or cut it into strips.

      I find that if you get a mop head (synthetic works better than natural fabric for this) and take individual pieces off of it, they make very good wicks.

      But really any cloth that wicks up water will work. You can demonstrate the process to the children of how the water climbs up the wick.

      Make sure that the media that you are transplanting into is moist when you start. It won’t work if that starts off dry.

      • I got J clothes to use for the wick. My daughter enjoyed this experiment the most! Thanks so much for your help! We can’t wait to see what happens 🙂

  3. That sounds great. I’ve never thought of J cloths, but assume it will work–they’re built to soak up water, so I imagine they will wick nicely. I hope you’ll let us know how it goes in the blog.

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