Can someone get me some toilet paper, please?!?


During circle the other day the kinders and I were talking about how we help our families out at home. One said that they help do the dishes, another said I clean up my toys. When it got to my sons turn he said, I get the toilet paper and pads for my mommy. Thank goodness he was in my little classroom setting when he said this because I must have went about 50 shades of red! Oh how I love my son, he never fails to surprise/amaze me. The other children laughed about his toilet paper comment and clearly had no idea about feminine products at the age of four and five, thank goodness!

My kiddos and I have the habit of leaving the door open while we are using the bathroom, honestly my kiddos burst right in anyhow so why not? I never think to check the toilet paper before sitting down on the throne though (hahaha sorry had to) and the feminine products are way back in the cupboard. So, I got into the habit of yelling for the kiddos to help me out because I often find the toilet paper roll empty. It’s usually always my boy who is eager to help out, bless his little soul. It makes him feel important when he has little jobs to do. After he shared his comment during our circle though I’ve decided to start checking for TP before I pee pee πŸ™‚

E and I worked on a chore chart today, check out the second last chore he chose to do. I wonder what he tells his teacher.



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