Ain’t No Thang like a Chicken Wing!


It’s Friday! and NOTHING makes me happier! I’ve been waiting for this magical day all week.

You see I haven’t been enjoying my job as much lately as I used to. Don’t get me wrong there are aspects about it that I absolutely love but I’m not sure they are outweighing the things that I don’t love.


Nothing makes me happier than 5:30pm Friday freedom. When my last child is picked up I’m free to go home with my kiddos. Free to be a parent not a “teacher.” Free to be momma instead of Miss Tiffany. My four-year old doesn’t understand the divide between home and school. He wants to be a momma’s boy in both environments. At times it is really hard on both of us.

1233969_10153316753930574_128276407_nNothing makes me happier than Friday evening with my two little loves. I get to leave Miss Tiffany at school for two entire days and just be momma.

547790_10153316753245574_1814603601_nMy five minutes is up. You can join in on the five minute Friday party as well!

Happy Friday Y’all! I wish you chicken wings and beer 😉


The Purest Love



I will forever be grateful for my children. The ways in which they have helped me grow as a person are unmeasurable. Way back in the beginning of parenthood I felt lost but always in awe of my precious baby girl.

I think the love that  us parents have for our children is the purest love that exists. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Tiff the Cheetahpuss


Everyday I catch myself wishing that I had some sort of super human power to help me get more accomplished at a quicker rate! How cool would it be to be just like a super hero or an x-men. Sign me up!

Today’s daily prompt has me thinking hard about what kind of hybrid I would want to be….

Mutants and Hybrids – If you were one part human, two parts something else – animal, plant, inanimate object – what would the other two parts be?

Since I have thought about this before I know that I would want to be a mix of human, octopus and cheetah. I choose human because I would still want to be me. I choose octopus because eight arms could come in handy working with children. I could get so much more accomplished if I could be doing eight things at once. Also the octopus has three hearts. I could devote one heart to my son, one heart to my daughter and possibly one heart to myself! I need to love myself a little more sometimes. Last but not least I chose the cheetah for its speed and endurance. I would love to be fast and ferocious and have energy to spare. I think these three things combined would make the perfect hybrid.

Don’t ask me what I would look like though. Mashing an octopus together with a cheetah and a person could make for an interesting creature. Tiff the Cheetahpuss… sounds kind of awkward, I may want to rethink my hybrid name!

Cheetah Print Octopus Giclee Print

25 Songs 25 Days: Day 21 – Your Favorite Song


I love the beauty of this song, it gives me faith that something wonderful can exist. I’m one of those hopeless romantics hidden under my hard defensive shell. Dallas Green paints such a romantic picture with this song. I hope to one day find this kind of love. I thought I did once but it turned out to be a very hard lesson instead.

This song is most definitely one of my top songs. I can’t say favorite because I also have big love for many other songs. Breathe Me by Sia and She Wolf by David Guetta featuring Sia are both also fantastic songs!


I’m just over here like…



A guy friend just sent this to me and said that it reminded him of me. Reaction, should I be proud or sad? I feel like I should go pick up a bottle of wine! I know one thing that is true, I do love my Sandbanks Shoreline fruity white wine(once in a while). It comes second to my children of course. Verdict is I should feel slightly sad that I love wine more than men yet AMAZING for not needing to have a boyfriend. I may want one but I definitely don’t need one!!

Monday Monday Monday wait it’s Tuesday!


Monday Monday Monday, wait it's Tuesday!

Tegan and Sara are ringing through my head right now as this beautifully sunny Monday comes to an end. It was extra painful getting the kiddos out of bed this morning. Our weekend away was a blast but it left us all exhausted…..


….and now it is Tuesday! See it was an exhausting getaway, I couldn’t even make through an entire blog post before falling asleep. It’s looking like it is going to be a busy week, again!

I have a lot of work planning coming up. It’s almost the end of the school year so my kinders and I are planning an end of the year celebration as well as a nature hike. Last year my kinders were lucky enough to see tons of tadpoles in the conservation area swimming around in the water. If we are lucky we might see one transitioning into a frog, it’s still a little early though. I hope their little legs can make the hike! I also have to plan my summer camp activities! I’m lucky enough to have another camp leader to bounce ideas back and forth with this year.

If you have a neat summer camp game/activity that you would like to share feel free. I’m always looking for fun new ideas!!

As for home, there are a million and one things to do. It’s a never ending battle. I’ve discovered that I indeed am a busy body. My mother accuses me of this all the time. I can’t stay home long enough to accomplish what I would like to get done. I think it’s part of my anxiety, if I don’t stay busy than I ruminate. Which reminds me I’ve been forgetting to take my anxiety meds quite a bit lately. This week my goal is to take them every day. I think blogging has had a positive impact on my anxiety though, I don’t seem to be over thinking as much lately. It’s nice to have an outlet, a place to just be me.

On that note, it’s time to fold some laundry and watch my new addiction. I just started watching this show on Netflix called Once Upon a Time. It’s so interesting, all about fairytale meeting reality. It’s also my little escape from reality. My children are even loving it!Hope everyone had a nice start to the week!