Ain’t It Fun


Tackling the kiddos room today, wish us luck and a safe return!! We will be listening to the latest self titled Paramore album. Thank goodness Paramore is growing on my daughter as they are one of my favorite bands.

What album/songs get you pumped up on cleaning day?


4 thoughts on “Ain’t It Fun

  1. Love that video! And really, kids taste in music sometimes depend on their parents. Haha. One thing I also like about Paramore is that they are actually getting better or getting mature. Coz there are artists or bands who only have a promising first album…but then, the next ones get disappointing…

    • Oh absolutely! I fell in love with them when I first heard Misery Business (which to this day is my fave to sing along to still). I feel that they have changed and mellowed just as I have, growing up with their audience perhaps. My fave off the new album is Daydreaming!!

      • I dunno which is my fave yet on their new album. I haven’t contemplated on the lyrics yet. 😛 Except their singles…and the catchiest one “Grow Up’…hehehe

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