Self love – I feel pretty, Oh so pretty



As a single mother of two I don’t have all that many “sexy” moments these days. It’s hard to feel sexy while doing laundry, scrubbing floors and working with/raising children. I know selfies are ridiculous. However, as I was standing in this retro grungy old dinner bathroom this morning I looked in the mirror and thought I feel sexy today!

I hope every woman has a moment where they feel sexy every once in a while. Even if it is just for a moment.


10 thoughts on “Self love – I feel pretty, Oh so pretty

      • So, is it just a coincidence that you love mermaids, Paramore and having red hair? Or somehow your love for Ariel influenced you wanting you hair to be red? Hehehe. I’m 25. I was thinking if we have the same age so I asked you. πŸ˜›

      • It actually started way back with Ariel, she was my favourite Disney princess and still is. To be honest my hair has been almost every colour under the sun lol. I adore Hayley’s hair…that’s why I went orange for a bit.

      • It looks good on you! I just recently dyed my hair for the first time! It’s kind of brownish red… I don’t think I can carry bright colors but I always admire girls who look good in different hair colors..

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