Momma vs. Miss Tiffany


Over the last two years I’ve had the privilege of working with my two beautiful kiddos. I took a child care job in a school out in the country away from the busy city where we lived at the time. It seemed perfect. My daughter was able transfer to the school to be with me. I ran a kinder program on the days when she wasn’t attending senior kindergarten and my son’s child care was a two minute drive away.


S made her own princess dress and crown in my class. What a talented little bean.

Working with S last year was a breeze. She understood that at home I’m momma and at school I’m Miss Tiffany. I got to see her learn and grow as an individual. Honestly it was fantastic!


This year my son entered junior kindergarten and I have him in kinder class every other day. It’s been a roller coaster of a year. The first month or two, my sweet darling baby boy was a complete maniac. He took advantage of the fact that I was his momma, after all he knows me better than any of the other children.

After coming home from work crying multiple times I decided that it just had to stop! I told E that there would be consequences to his actions and then followed through. I also praised E everytime that I saw a positive attitude coming out of him. It was tough and it took some time but it worked.


Vinegar, baking soda and food colour. What a fun experiment!


Our current challenges are working on putting a stop to the tears, appreciating girls and staying awake for an entire school day.

I find E cries a lot more in my classroom. He views me as comfortable so I understand why. However, I have to be a little tougher about it at school. This one is hard for me but it will be good for him in the long run.

The boys in my classroom have started a “He man woman haters club.” It’s heart breaking to see my son participate in girl bashing. He was raised solely by myself for three years. I hope that he grows up respecting and appreciating women. I’ve raised him to know better and I constantly remind him of this while at school. I’m actually proud as I’ve seen him break away from the boys a little more to play with the girls, yay!

As for staying awake, this is a lost cause for now! He’s tired and still requires a nap. I work long hours starting very early in the morning so I understand why he is tired. I’m tired also.


Despite the negatives there are also huge positives to working with your children. I get to see behind the scenes. Many parents don’t get to see their children at school and be in the loop with their teachers. I love seeing them interact with their friends. When they get excited about an experiment or project I planned I feel accomplished.

I may get tired of spending soo much time with my children but I’ve experienced so many ups and downs with them. It’s been a true challenge of character for myself. I’m pretty proud of the little people I’ve raised even if they are stinkers at times.


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