Mother’s Day Love


Mother's Day Love

My son couldn’t wait to give me my Mother’s day card that he had made in junior kindergarten. He had to give it to me Friday after school because he was just too excited. I love that he crafted! My sweet boy is not exactly the type that likes to sit for long, so this is a big deal. I told him that I loved it and it was alright that it came early as I am his Momma every day of the year.

My seven-year old daughter on the other hand told me not to expect much, little stinker. She shows her love for me every day though when she has to have her fishy kiss and fishy hug before bed. Kiss kiss little fish is something we have done since way back when it was just her and I. I would rather be loved and appreciated every day of the year anyhow.

I feel blessed to be Momma to these two amazing children. Although, it wasn’t in my life plan to be a Mother I can’t imagine life without them. They give me hope, teach me to see the bright side and make me laugh daily. I truly believe there is nothing that compares to a Mother’s love for her children.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful women that sacrifice daily, give unconditional love and do it all with a smile on their face. Your children definitely appreciate what you do for them.


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