Manic Monday



Monday’s are painful in my home, like poked with a red-hot poker painful. I start work way to early for a mom that has to drag two monkeys out of bed! This morning I had to threaten my son with the Mommy Monster! She comes to visit when all else has failed. That lit a fire under my son’s bottom.

I’m usually brushing my hair, dressing a child, finishing up packing lunches and trying to make a coffee all at the same time. Rushing to beat the clock in order to make it to work on time. Monday’s are manic! We rush out the door coats half on, breakfast in hand and eyelids half-open.

This is the start to another hectic work week in our household. Can’t we go back to Sunday!

This week I am hoping to accomplish a few tasks.

  • I need to organize the kiddos bedrooms and gather all of their gently used clothing for donation. Sadly my kiddos are growing up way to quickly.
  • I also want to work in my garden (weather permitting), I have two cucumber plants to put in. I also have to figure out just where the sunflowers are going to go.
  • Daily duties: laundry, dinner, dishes, vacuuming and dreadful dusting. I haven’t been getting as much done as I’d like to lately.
  • Also I would like to paint all of the window frames this week. I’ve been in my house for almost eight months without curtains. It’s time! I’m sure the neighbors will miss the daily peep shows but there’s just something so spectacular about having privacy.

Well those are my goals for the week. How did your Monday start off?


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