Laurie, Stan and my daughter “what what”


So I’m a big fan of the show Cougar Town. It’s hilarious! The characters are so out there and over the top that it makes me feel a little less crazy about some of my quirks. I’ve noticed that I’ve taken after crazy Laurie when I do something I feel proud of. It started as a joke with a friend but now if I win at a game that we are playing I always say, what what.

After school yesterday I was playing a basketball game with my daughter. She was having a hard time getting the ball in, so I taught her the good ol’ granny shot. You remember, the ball between the knees two handed throw. First try she got the ball in! You go girl.

She was so excited that she was jumping up and down yelling “what what, what what.” I busted a gutt laughing of course.


Funny little moments like these really make me realize how much of an impact I actually have on my children. They are always watching and listening for me to set a positive example.


2 thoughts on “Laurie, Stan and my daughter “what what”

  1. It sounds like fun! Your last sentence is so true. We parents have a tremendous amount of impact on our kids. Positive or negative. I enjoy reading your positive impacts. 🙂

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