Oh, The Places You’ll Go!


Oh, The Places You'll Go!

While I was out shopping today, I saw this Dr. Suess book and decided to pick it up for my son. He just started junior kindergarten this year and it has been quite the ride. While surfing on Pinterest I found the cutest idea. Each year you get your child’s teacher to sign the front of the book and write a little message in it. On graduation day you present your child with the book full of memories. What a sweet idea, right? I plan to do this for my son as he has always been my little book lover.

Tonight at bed time I decided to read “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” to both of my children. They listened so attentively, eager ears turned up. I translated some of the pages into proper English for my four-year old as Dr. Suess can be a little wordy.

We all fell in love with this book! What an amazing message it sends to children of all ages.

The other day my son told me that he wants to work in space like Chris Hadfield. I told him that he can do what ever he would like to do when he grows up, he seemed surprised. I guess he thought that I was supposed to choose what he will do when he grows up.

What a perfect time to come across a book that talks about life challenges. The ups, the downs, the waiting, the fears and the choices. A perfect time to come across a book that helps teach my son that he is in charge of the places he will go in life.

seuss5My kiddos loved this page in specific.


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