Out of the mouths of babes – I’ll take a club and bouquet, please!


Today has reminded me of one of the reasons why I love working in child care. Sometimes kiddos say/do the funniest things!

When I returned from my break today I told my son that he could have some of my fries. He opened the box of fries and said, “Oh Mom, where’s the bouquet?” Every single ladies dream, a bouquet of poutine? hahaha

I asked a four-year old girl in my class to put a toy away when she was done. She replied, “oh my banana peels!” Where does that even come from? I’m teaching a banana in disguise!

My favorite thing today has been watching my daughter hang out with her pet monkey Penelope. They did some art together, had snack and then chilled out at the sand bin. To see more cute stories about toy adventures check out Looking Glass Mama, her Toy Tuesday post inspired me to share Penelope’s journey to school!


Children have such spectacular imaginations, it’s a shame that we lose the magic as we grow up.


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