25 Songs 25 Days: Day 8 – A Song that Reminds you of your First Love


My first love will always remain as a special part of my life. He gave me my beautiful daughter and for that I can’t regret a single moment we spent together. We have been through our ups and downs over the years. Unfortunately more downs then ups. We lost touch for six and half years, he left when I was four months pregnant. Luckily we touched base again about a year ago, put most of our differences aside and agreed to let our daughter get to know him. She deserves a chance to know her father, I never got that chance!

It’s funny how things change, when him and I were teenagers we were so in love. Growing up to quickly and having to make big decisions really defined who we were as people. Taking it back to the beginning of us, this song sums up just how I felt about my first love. Back when I was a carefree dreamer. When he sang this song it made me melt. It will forever remain a special memory. Too bad he is just becoming the man he could have been the entire time.



6 thoughts on “25 Songs 25 Days: Day 8 – A Song that Reminds you of your First Love

    • Funny how things happen. I’m happy to see my ex back for my daughters sake but I don’t think I would be able to forgive him deep down for missing out on so much. After reconnecting are you now together?

      • We didn’t have a child together, sadly I miscarried. We were very young, and didn’t cope with it well, and ended up parting. I have missed him every day since then. We are now back together, and a part of me is sad that we didn’t get to be parents together. But he is a wonderful father!!

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