Kinder Gardening – Cucumbers in Bloom



The self watering wick system seems to be working out well. The cucumbers in our classroom have started to bloom!!

We now have to determine the gender of the cucumbers so we can pollinate them. This might require a little bit of research on my end.

I’m happy to see the cucumbers doing so well though. The kinders are excited to see flowers on their cucumber plants. They are even more excited to start pollinating.


5 thoughts on “Kinder Gardening – Cucumbers in Bloom

  1. I know they aren’t very big now, but i suggest putting something behind them they can climb on ( even if you build a lattice out of popcicle sticks for now). That way you can start training them to go where you want. πŸ™‚ Super awesome job though, I’m totally impressed

  2. They look great!
    I agree with Ladybluntz to find a way for them to climb something. The easiest may be to find a way to hang a twine from the ceiling or near the ceiling. If not that, a pole or something could also work (though a twine is better if you have something solid to hang it from). You may find that the tendrils will attempt to grab everything they can touch. You may need to prune many of them off.
    Also, I wrote a short guide on growing cucumbers that might help.

    • I put some sticks in today! I was thinking about using hoops, my mom always uses them and has good results. I’d love to do the twine but I know I’d get flack for securing it to the ceiling. I’m a little worried about pollinating.. we are having a hard time determining if they are male or female! So hopefully we are doing the bees job well.

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