Beard for Boobs


I need to delete my online dating profile. I’ve already concluded that I’m not ready to date. I have to get back to me, as lame as that sounds. However, I think I will miss the entertainment it provides me.

The latest online interaction…

Tagline: beard for boobs

Well this guy is classy…

Message: Hey lil’ Miss County girl. How are you darlin’

Hmmm bearded and from Trenton…

I say, What up hairy Trentonian?

Some small talk occurs, I couldn’t help myself but to poke fun at his profile… one of his three hobbies listed was texting. Is texting actually a hobbie? If so do I want to date someone who texts so much that it is considered a hobbie? I think I might be an asshole… excuse my language but I’m very picky and I call guys out on their shit. Could this be why I’m still single?



10 thoughts on “Beard for Boobs

    • I think I agree! My friend actually posted a video on my FB last night of a news clip… a man about a half hour from me was charged with sexual assault after meeting 2 girls from the same site I’m on.

      • Nope. Haha. I met my boyfriend on-line though if you read my post about it (I cant remember) and we’ve been a couple for almost four years… Just wait, like you said… It will just happen. πŸ™‚

  1. HA! I always love the idiot messages you get.
    One of my favorites was “hey gurl, how r u today i think u have a pretty smile and would be fun. u should message me and we can go out.” I’m sorry but I have punctuation and writing standards.
    Although another one I got from a more diverse web site that made me snort water out of my nose was: “I’d really love to smell your panties.” HA!

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