Tiff the Cheetahpuss


Everyday I catch myself wishing that I had some sort of super human power to help me get more accomplished at a quicker rate! How cool would it be to be just like a super hero or an x-men. Sign me up!

Today’s daily prompt has me thinking hard about what kind of hybrid I would want to be….

Mutants and Hybrids – If you were one part human, two parts something else – animal, plant, inanimate object – what would the other two parts be?

Since I have thought about this before I know that I would want to be a mix of human, octopus and cheetah. I choose human because I would still want to be me. I choose octopus because eight arms could come in handy working with children. I could get so much more accomplished if I could be doing eight things at once. Also the octopus has three hearts. I could devote one heart to my son, one heart to my daughter and possibly one heart to myself! I need to love myself a little more sometimes. Last but not least I chose the cheetah for its speed and endurance. I would love to be fast and ferocious and have energy to spare. I think these three things combined would make the perfect hybrid.

Don’t ask me what I would look like though. Mashing an octopus together with a cheetah and a person could make for an interesting creature. Tiff the Cheetahpuss… sounds kind of awkward, I may want to rethink my hybrid name!

Cheetah Print Octopus Giclee Print


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