Ain’t No Thang like a Chicken Wing!


It’s Friday! and NOTHING makes me happier! I’ve been waiting for this magical day all week.

You see I haven’t been enjoying my job as much lately as I used to. Don’t get me wrong there are aspects about it that I absolutely love but I’m not sure they are outweighing the things that I don’t love.


Nothing makes me happier than 5:30pm Friday freedom. When my last child is picked up I’m free to go home with my kiddos. Free to be a parent not a “teacher.” Free to be momma instead of Miss Tiffany. My four-year old doesn’t understand the divide between home and school. He wants to be a momma’s boy in both environments. At times it is really hard on both of us.

1233969_10153316753930574_128276407_nNothing makes me happier than Friday evening with my two little loves. I get to leave Miss Tiffany at school for two entire days and just be momma.

547790_10153316753245574_1814603601_nMy five minutes is up. You can join in on the five minute Friday party as well!

Happy Friday Y’all! I wish you chicken wings and beer 😉


8 thoughts on “Ain’t No Thang like a Chicken Wing!

  1. I love how you capture the divide between your work persona and your being a mum to your littles. And, I hope you find some enjoyment in your job again…it can be so hard.

      • I hope so, too. Thanks! Hey, you’ve already like my post about the Very Inspiring Blogger Award where I nominated you in. Just want to say your blog is amazing and it inspires me especially the part where you share your experiences as a single mom. 🙂

      • I just noticed that I was in there! Thank you very much! I also really enjoy reading your blog, your LDR blues stories are so inspiring. PS omg girl you have an amazing voice!!

  2. It’s really hard to treat your children the same as other children, sometimes you just want to hug them and kiss them. My son was getting bullied by the older kids in my program, mom defense says give them proper heck! I however had to be professional and talk to them all about other solutions to our problems! It’s been a good life lesson. Kudos to you!

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