Take a Peek Inside of the Mom Bag


Welcome to the inside of a working mom’s purse. Be careful, it’s a jungle in there…



– Wallet
– Keys
– Scentsy orders/money
– Lady products
– Lip gloss
– My sunglasses
– Mac lipstick
– Hand sanitizer
– Deoderant
– Hair brush


– 4 hair clips
– 5 hair elastics
– Huge Scentsy hand cream
– Hair band
– Tweezers
– 2 Lip balms
– My son’s sunglasses


– 7 Paper clips
– 3D Movie glasses x2
– Junk mail out the Ying Yang
– 2 Toy cars
– Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox

Today’s a good day, usually I have food and drink in my bag also. Sometimes artwork, utensils, spare underpants(for the kiddos), stuffed toys and the list goes on.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve found in your purse lately?


My Unraveling Hero


I look up to my 82 year old grandfather more than he will ever know. He has been the most consistent male figure in my life. I have nothing but good things to say about this man. He’s always been a hard worker, devoted husband to my grandmother (passed away) and a fantastic father/grandfather. He saw my very ill grandmother through to the end. He attended doctors appointments, dialysis and was the sole provider for the family. He has always been there for my mother or my siblings and I in times of trouble. I only hope to be half the person that he is someday.

Over the last few years we’ve grown a little distant. I’ve grown up and changed. He has a new lady friend. Basically life has just moved on and become increasingly hectic. Recently however, I was given the news that my papa had been diagnosed with alzheimers disease. Even though the family saw it coming it breaks my heart.


One thing I love is seeing my papa light up when he sees his great grandchildren. Sometimes it’s a few weeks between but I always notice his spirits lift when the kiddos are around. I’m not sure how long he will remember them or even myself, so we have been trying to visit more.


The last visit kiddo had with his great papa was heartwarming for me to watch. My son was so excited to help his papa “do wood” and papa was excited to teach kiddo. I don’t know who enjoyed the experience more!


Watching my son and my grandfather interact brought a tear to my eye. I hope that I get to keep this amazing man for a little while longer. I’m not ready for him to unravel like a scarf just yet. The idea of him forgetting who we are scares me. So for now, I’m making as many new memories as I can.

Winnie the Guinea – Momma is a Sucker



My children are brilliant little masterminds. The kiddos have talked me into getting guinea pig number two.

There’s a teacher at work that gives guinea pigs away to loving homes. She thought our family was a perfect fit for this cute little fella. I’m thinking about starting a petting zoo. In our home we now have three cats, two fish, two guinea pigs, two children and a crazy mommy in an insanity tree.


My lovely little boy is smitten with our new pet. I guess this big smile makes all the pet mess clean up worth it. This big smile also makes me a big sucker.



One of my best girlfriends texts me out of the blue today. The text read, I know a nice single guy. The first thought I had was, gosh is it that terrible that I’m 28 and single. Second thought was, hmmm do I want to date someone described as nice. I mean I want a man with good values but I also like a man that’s a little rough around the edges.

I feel that I’m at a comfortable place right now. I have my children, my career, a new business venture and I’m working on my health. I really don’t know where a new man would fit into my hectic life.

A single nice guy should sound appealing to me. However, I may be hopelessly attracted to the d-bags. I think at this point it just might be safer to stay away from men altogether!

Operation Get Fit – Laughing Cow! Ha, Try Dying Cow


I’m loving Map My Walk. It is helping me prepare for my 5k in August. Run or Dye here I come.

I walked with MapMyWalk! Distance: 2.44km, time: 34:49, pace: 14:15min/km, speed: 4.21km/h.

Ok so this weekend was a total flop! I’m back on the horse or rather the trail today though. This weekend I might have consumed a bottle or two of wine so I’m feeling a little sluggish. About mid walk I sounded like a dying cow but I made it!! Good start to a Monday. Feeling energized and ready to tackle the week.


This lovely old building is at the start of the trail I’ve been walking. Thinking family photos in the fall!

The Mistake that Changed my Life


I knew you were trouble when I first met you. There were signals and warnings to stay away. As time went by you grew on me like a bad weed. At first easy to get rid of, eventually thick and strangling. You hurt me more than anyone ever could. You cheated, you lied. You made me feel like I was incomplete as a person. Until the bitter end when I realized that you were the one that was incomplete, not myself.

You are by far my favourite mistake. Without you I wouldn’t have this amazing little boy who calls me mom. He’s smart, generous, has the BIGGEST heart and so much more. I thank you. You took me to hell and back but I came out swinging. I came out stronger. I came out being the best parent I can be to my little man. I will raise him to respect the women in his life and instill the morals that I believe in. I thank you for this beautiful gift that I am grateful for everyday.