25 Songs 25 Days: Day 22 – I Stare at the Stars that Remind me of You


Oh young love, I was lucky enough to have the CUTEST first boyfriend ever!! I didn’t see it at the time but looking back at it, gosh he was sweet (until he left me while pregnant that is). I started seeing him when I was 18 and we quickly fell in “love” after like two months of seeing each other. I’ll always remember the first Christmas after we started dating. We were sad because we couldn’t spend it together, he lived about a half an hour away from me and neither of us drove yet. So he surprised me with a song that he wrote with his band, it was called “I Stare at the Stars that Remind me of You.”

The only lines I can remember ten years later are…

I stare at the stars that remind me of you
I can’t help but wonder of you think of me too

It was ridiculously sweet and part of the reason I fell in love with that crazy boy. I’ll never forget this beautiful memory, even though I have forgotten the lyrics to the song!

Since I don’t have this song recorded (only on cassette), I’ll share the most recent song that was sang to me. Last time one of my best girls and I had a few drinks she sang me a little song about peaches, millions of peaches to be exact!



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