Hardy Har…. Hair?



Somedays I wake up and think, I need a fresh new hair colour! Call it an identity crisis or just a need for change. Either way it’s been fun!

Currently I’m a ginga ninja! Haven’t figured out how to transition back to blonde… or if I want to. In my opinion red heads have more fun!


8 thoughts on “Hardy Har…. Hair?

  1. So, I have never heard ginga ninja before but I LOVE IT!!! (Yes, I’m part of that group although I always feel like my red comes and goes depending on the day and the sunlight.)
    And yes, redheads have the most fun!

  2. We also have “kick a ginger day” here, which I always thought was silly… why kick someone for having red hair. I think it’s beautiful! Ginga Ninja is much better!

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