Operation Get Fit – The Harsh Reality


Operation Get Fit - The Harsh Reality

This morning I stood contemplating whether I should step on the scale or not. Three tiny little numbers were about to show me my harsh reality. Do I actually want to know? Can I really make a change? Such a silly little thing to get so anxious about.

After I psyched myself up I stood on that scale and embraced the numbers it unveiled. Three tiny little numbers strung together that showed me the highest weight I have ever been in my life. To be honest I am so shocked that I can’t even share these depressing little numbers in this post, maybe some day. Hopefully after seeing some results!

As upsetting as it is to see how much I weigh, I’m trying to use it as motivation to succeed. I know I don’t want to gain any more weight. I want to be more energetic and active. It would be nice to work myself up to jogging. That way I could play tag and run around with my kiddos for longer.

For this week I am setting little goals:

  • Decreasing my portion sizes
  • Eliminating fast food
  • Walking with the kiddos at least three nights

Friends and family tell me that I don’t look as big as what I am but I don’t want to feel as big as what I am. It’s lovely to hear that you are a pretty girl but you have to believe it. Any weight loss tips are welcome! I know it’s going to be a long journey but well worth it.


18 thoughts on “Operation Get Fit – The Harsh Reality

  1. I love your new habits! The only two things I would add would be to write it down on a 3×5 card and put it in your pocket and look at it every day and schedule when you will go for that walk with the kids. Small changes a little at a time will set you up for long term sustainable weight loss. Good job!

    • Great ideas! Thank you! I had never actually thought about writing my goals down on a card to look at, that’s a great idea. I’m very visual. I planned a walk for my kid free time. Just have to get my kiddos on board for family walking!!

      • You might even consider having star stickers for each day that you achieve your habit. Little reminders are powerful and everyone likes a star sticker. πŸ™‚

  2. Weight is such an odd thing. It really isn’t just about numbers but about how you feel sometimes. I was at my heaviest at christmas and I don’t know if this helps but I set a rule of not eating snacks (crisps, biscuits etc) or drinking wine from when I got up Monday until 5 PM Friday, then it’s the weekend so I don’t worry – and I don’t feel guilty. I thought I might go mad on the weekend but I’ve found I don’t snack a lot then either now because I’ve broken the habits. I’m loosing about a lb a month so it’s slow but it works.

    • A pound a month is good though, someone once told me that loosing one pound is like loosing a stick of butter…gross but true. I’m trying to eliminate snacking between meals, we don’t have a lot of junk in the house but I snack on left overs. Good luck on your journey! My mom always says it’s better to loose slow to see long term results πŸ™‚

  3. I have no weight loss tips for you as it is a journey I’m on as well. I’ve quit going on the scales and worrying about that number, but more making lifestyle changes. Eating better foods and trying to make exercise a part of my life. Realizing I don’t want to be the mom that can’t do things, like my mom was, is keeping me motivated to exercise.

    • I hear ya, I don’t remember my mom or grandmother ever playing with me when I was young. We’re all bigger women, like a family curse lol. I played basketball and went walking with my kiddos tonight though. I feel exhausted but great at the same time. Keep going on your journey πŸ™‚

  4. Water, water and more water. Drink 2L a day (don’t know what that is for you in America, sorry!). A glass just before a meal is particularly useful.
    I desperately need to get back into this too. I’m in denial but I must do it. It’s not an option.

    • That’s like an entire pop bottle! I’m not a huge water fan but I hear that its essential for weight loss. I’m Canadian, I understand your 2L lol. Apparently there are phone Apps that help keep track of how much water you’ve drank in a day.

      • Yeah, it’s stacks…it makes a big difference though. Particularly as you head into summer.
        Sorry, didn’t realise you were Canadian! That’s probably on par with you thinking I’m from New Zealand. πŸ˜‰

  5. I think you’re off to a great start! Honestly, I’m bad about portion control so for breakfast I either buy premeasured frozen breakfasts or make sure to measure out the cereal and milk so it’s one serving. Lunches I usually buy frozen Amy’s or Healthy Choice or any of the “lighter” meals because then I don’t have to think about it. You can also look to see if you have a My Fit Foods franchise near you they have a 21 day challenge I’ve been looking into.

    Make sure you have some great tunes for when you walk. I’d also try to walk, just you once or twice a week in addition to walking with the kiddos because they’ll walk slower. There’s a ton of apps out there that can help you track calories and your exercise. I’m partial to Noom Weight Loss because it also has GPS for work outs and plays the music on my phone while I work out.

    Can’t wait to hear how it’s going!! πŸ™‚

    • I LOVE the idea of premeasured breakfast and lunch. I have to be honest though I often don’t eat either of those meals. I need to start, I got heck from a fitness friend today! I’ve never actually heard of the My Fit Foods franchise but we have a place called body systems and I’m going to go check it out!

      I actually took the kiddos to a big bridge today to do a walk and my daughter showed my son and I up… she was running up it. We had a good first family walk! I get to do a kiddo free walk tomorrow, yay!

      I’ll post updates, I’m excited. I’m also going to look into Noom Weight Loss as I just downloaded the Noom pedometer, If you do this 21 day challenge you should blog about it πŸ™‚

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