Operation Get Fit – My Noom Workout


I walked with MapMyWalk! Distance: 0.90km, time: 12:29, pace: 13:51min/km, speed: 4.33km/h.

I used this super cool app for the first time tonight, it’s called Noom Map My Walk! It was suggested by a fellow blogger and I love it. Kiddos and I only had time for a short walk but at least we got out! I needed it after a day of sitting at an Early Childhood Education conference. Perk of my day, getting away from children to go learn about children in a catered venue. Pretty swanky! Anyhow, I can’t wait to use this app more!!


Kiddos had fun blowing dandelions and making wishes. My son tells me, “mommy we should go on walks every night to help you get rid of your fatness.” If he wasn’t four, I’d be a little hurt. My daughter responded, “that’s not nice, you should say bigness.” They have big hearts but apparently need to be educated about being a little more sensitive! One thing that I am really realizing more than ever right now is that the kiddos and I are really a great team. We may be a little family but we have big love for each other.


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