I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Bouncy Balls


Over the last couple of weeks my school aged children have been bringing bouncy balls to my classroom. I decided to expand on the children’s interest by offering different methods and materials for making their own bouncy balls.


I presented the materials on the table and talked about safe use of the different materials. The experiment called for glue, warm water, food colour, corn starch and borax. Sometimes I get worried that a kinder is going to try to eat the borax, so I always have a safety chat! Calling poison control does NOT sound like a fun time to me. Don’t eat Borax kids!


The kiddos LOVED seeing the different colours that they made as well as the change in texture. They were pretty pumped to see if their bouncy balls were actually going to work.


So we tried a few methods over the past week but we all agreed that our first trial was the best. About 90% of the bouncy balls actually bounced. This experiment brought such joy to my kiddos this week that I had to share it. Indulge, let your inner child shine. Have fun!

Homemade Bouncy Balls - Def have to do this with our girls & my Dad

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