Time Is of the Essence


Busy, busy, busy bee. This is how I would explain me. The clock seems to tick faster everyday with no sign of slowing. A day, a month, a year has passed.

Time quotes

I have mentioned before that I feel like a juggler. I am a mom, friend, daughter, sister, child care worker, employee, aspiring fitness guru, summer camp leader, pet owner (zoo keeper),Β  blogger and now a newbie Scentsy consultant. My calendar is full of events and commitments. The most challenging twist is that I have the needs of two little people to put before any of this.

I’m tired! I sacrifice sleep to have a few free moments for me. I sacrifice sleep to blog, to plan, to provide magical moments in our lives! I do this all with a smile on my face because I know one day I’m going to look back and know that I did the best that I could with what I had.

The loss that I do mourn though is the loss of time. I could use more time to clean my house, which is slowly starting to resemble the inside of a trash can. I could use more time to read. I miss diving into magical lands and romantic stories that take me away from my life for a brief period of time. Most of all I miss having time to create, to paint, to express myself artistically. I miss me!

I’m still here. It’s just finding the time.



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