Manic Monday – Jello Calves



The best part of my Monday was receiving this beautiful flower from one of my kinders.



The flower was completely open by the end of my very long shift. I love getting flowers, especially from students.

Last week, I set some Operation Get Fit goals. I managed to achieve all three goals. I went above and beyond my walking goal. I think I walked everyday but two days of the week. However, some days I doubled up on walks. Kiddos have been super awesome about getting out on the walking trails.

Today I had worked 10.5 hours, attended a lengthy staff meeting and got the kiddos home for a late yet healthy dinner. We went for our nightly walk after dinner despite my sore calves. I’m already dragging ass but I must have mustered up some motivation. To my surprise the kiddos and I started jogging and to be honest it wasn’t that bad.


The view on the trail out back of our home is pretty lovely. It’s a nice place to go for a walk or a jog.

This weeks goals:

  • staying on track with healthy eating
  • using my walking app as a motivational tool
  • starting the couch to 5k program
  • lots of summer camp planning
  • learning more about Scentsy

Let’s see how weak number two of Operation Get Fit goes. So far I have been fitting walks and healthy eating into my crazy schedule. Wish me luck y’all!


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