Sex Ed – What came first, the uterus or the egg?


wpid-img_20140501_171633.jpgThe other day my seven-year old daughter decided to ask me where babies come from. To be completely honest I was hoping to avoid this conversation for a few more years. However, I’m always up front with my children so I bit the bullet and try to explain.

Me: So ladies have a body part called the uterus, it’s just below your tummy (pointing to where the uterus would be)

Miss S: You mean your privates? Hehehehe

Me: No, it’s in your lower tummy. We produce eggs in our uterus…

Miss S: (interrupting with hysterical laughter) LIKE CHICKENS!!!!!! 

Me: Okay, lets continue this conversation at a later date.


4 thoughts on “Sex Ed – What came first, the uterus or the egg?

  1. Our daughter asked in third grade. I got a book titled “What’s Going On Down There” and explained. It made explaining a lot easier for me and listening easier for her. I’ve recommended the book to several friends.

    Always an adventure being a parent! 🙂

  2. While she isn’t mature enough just yet, I do think it’s a good idea to be very up front and honest with her. Turning having sex into a very real thing instead of something icky or shameful she will at least be well educated and capable of making smarter decisions later in life, be less curious and more open minded. Mike’s parents introduced him to sex by age 6..he swears it’s the main reason he doesn’t have 15 kids running around. Also, IMO it’s important to not be embarrassed about it when explaining to your kids..they pick up on all the small nuances and will think that because mommys embarrassed about talking about it, they should be as well every time they think or talk about it. trust me I know. Due to my moms different lifestyle I grew up with a very different view of things.

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