The Mistake that Changed my Life


I knew you were trouble when I first met you. There were signals and warnings to stay away. As time went by you grew on me like a bad weed. At first easy to get rid of, eventually thick and strangling. You hurt me more than anyone ever could. You cheated, you lied. You made me feel like I was incomplete as a person. Until the bitter end when I realized that you were the one that was incomplete, not myself.

You are by far my favourite mistake. Without you I wouldn’t have this amazing little boy who calls me mom. He’s smart, generous, has the BIGGEST heart and so much more. I thank you. You took me to hell and back but I came out swinging. I came out stronger. I came out being the best parent I can be to my little man. I will raise him to respect the women in his life and instill the morals that I believe in. I thank you for this beautiful gift that I am grateful for everyday.



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