One of my best girlfriends texts me out of the blue today. The text read, I know a nice single guy. The first thought I had was, gosh is it that terrible that I’m 28 and single. Second thought was, hmmm do I want to date someone described as nice. I mean I want a man with good values but I also like a man that’s a little rough around the edges.

I feel that I’m at a comfortable place right now. I have my children, my career, a new business venture and I’m working on my health. I really don’t know where a new man would fit into my hectic life.

A single nice guy should sound appealing to me. However, I may be hopelessly attracted to the d-bags. I think at this point it just might be safer to stay away from men altogether!


2 thoughts on “I Know a NICE SINGLE GUY

  1. Oh I’m sure you could squeeze one in somewhere between work, kids, scentsy, workouts, and summer camp πŸ˜› You are a master juggler after all! Plus, I’m just sayin..if the guy is right, he’ll do things with you just to be able to spend time with you and you’ll find it isn’t so much as “fitting him into your schedule” as it is “working a schedule out together”. My suggestion is that it never hurts to have friends though, and to never turn away the prospect of a new one πŸ™‚

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