Take a Peek Inside of the Mom Bag


Welcome to the inside of a working mom’s purse. Be careful, it’s a jungle in there…



– Wallet
– Keys
– Scentsy orders/money
– Lady products
– Lip gloss
– My sunglasses
– Mac lipstick
– Hand sanitizer
– Deoderant
– Hair brush


– 4 hair clips
– 5 hair elastics
– Huge Scentsy hand cream
– Hair band
– Tweezers
– 2 Lip balms
– My son’s sunglasses


– 7 Paper clips
– 3D Movie glasses x2
– Junk mail out the Ying Yang
– 2 Toy cars
– Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox

Today’s a good day, usually I have food and drink in my bag also. Sometimes artwork, utensils, spare underpants(for the kiddos), stuffed toys and the list goes on.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve found in your purse lately?


10 thoughts on “Take a Peek Inside of the Mom Bag

  1. Usually I have nothing in my purse but apartment keys, and my cell phone. I decided to stop carrying on essentials after i emptied my purse one day and pulled out a full change of clothing (pants, shirt, socks n undies go me!!), a mouldy sandwich, dried carrot sticks, dog treats, a water bottle and bowl (for the dogs) and tons seeds from flowers i’d stolen from a botanical garden the previous year plus my usual phone, keys, book, camera (waaay back when a phone and camera were two separate items lol).

    😛 One thing that does surprise me that’s not in your bag, is a first aid kit or bandages

      • lol you’re prepared in the most unprepared way 😛 and yes..a mouldy sandwich, another time I remember finding raisins which used to be grapes that fell into my purse loose lol i was awful so it had to stop

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