Oh Canada Eh


Canada turned the big 1-4-7 today! To celebrate I took my children to see the amazing firework display in our town last night. Watching fireworks on the beach is one of my little families yearly traditions. This year they had fireworks shaped like hearts, so neat.

Today I managed to get suckered into face painting in the park. It was busy, like really busy. I must have painted at least a hundred little faces. I’m sure at least twenty-five of which were Spiderman. It was so worth the rush though to see the smiling children in the end. My favourite paint job was my little nephew. He asked me to make him look like his daddy, what a task. This is what I came up with….


Back to the grind tomorrow. Summer camp is in full swing,  taking up a lot of my time already. I feel ready for the heat and humidity with my new super short hair. It was sad to see my long locks go but hey change is good, right?


Happy Canada day to my fellow Canadians. Hope y’all got to spend the day with family and friends.


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