Music Feeds My Soul – Do You Like You?


I just heard this song today and I absolutely love it! Colbie Caillat is such a beautiful person inside and out. I think this song sends a great message to women everywhere.

I myself am victim of feeling the need to conform to societies image of the “perfect” woman in so many ways. It’s sad that our daughters, sisters, friends and so on are growing up thinking that they have to look a certain way to be beautiful. There is so much more to life than physical appearance. I really love this video and the message that it delivers.

I hope that my daughter grows up knowing that she is beautiful inside and out whether she is fresh-faced or made up. It’s really what is on the inside that matters most.


6 thoughts on “Music Feeds My Soul – Do You Like You?

      • And old girls too. I had posted this on fb right before I saw it on your blog, and 3 of my friends reposted, with multiples friends reposting from theirs. This is awesome!!! There’s another story I just saw of J-Lo without make-up. She looks so average! Not her bod, (!) but her face, her eyes, her mouth. Boy, have I gotten caught up in the hype!! lol

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