About Mermaid Momma



My name is Tiffany, I’m a single mother that works full-time and I am on a mission to find peace in the world. Peace in my world that is. Nice to meet you. I’m also a professional juggler. I juggle children, a career, a social life and this lovely thing called anxiety. It gets a little hectic at times but my motto is to find the silver lining in every situation.

My blog does a pretty good job speaking for itself. Sometimes I’m silly, sometimes I’m sassy. Sometimes I’m serious, sometimes I’m a dreamer. Peek in sometime if you want to know more.

One of those silly moments!

One of those silly moments!


12 thoughts on “About Mermaid Momma

  1. Thank you for following my blog. I have been enjoying your blog so much that I nominated you for the Liebster Award, and then I realized that someone else already discovered how great you were before I did. Any how, I think that you have a great blog.

  2. christinajavete

    Hey! High five to having anxiety! lol I struggle with anxiety issues and I enjoy finding others for help and support =)

    • It’s nice to have a support team. I remember the first time I admitted that I had anxiety to a guy I was seeing. It took me hours! He then laughed at me and said seriously, me to! It’s common and def nice to have support 🙂

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