Suck That Monday! Positivity Takes the Lead


Please excuse my title but I had a fantabulous Monday! I don’t even think that is a word in the English vocabulary but today it is. It’s been a while since I’ve stepped on a scale so this morning I thought, why not? Well, verdict is…drum roll please…10 pounds down!!

 omg-scaleI’ve been working on dropping the pounds since about mid June, so for almost two months now. I was actually really happy to see the ten pound drop. I hope to drop 10 more by the end of September. *Fingers Crossed*

The second thing that made my Monday rock was receiving an incentive/reward from Scentsy. I checked my full mail box (I check it like 3 times a month) and I had a charm representing a successful start to my new business. I became a consultant in June with little expectation and have actually realized that I really love sharing the product with others. I met a deadline that was set by the company and qualified for almost $300 worth of free products! Thanks to my amazing friends/family I have thrived as a Scentsy consultant thus far.

shooting star   The rest of my Monday was smooth sailing, I hope the rest of the week is just as nice. I’m ending the day off with tea and an episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Total trash television for the mind, have to get my drama fix somewhere.



Manic Monday – Jello Calves



The best part of my Monday was receiving this beautiful flower from one of my kinders.



The flower was completely open by the end of my very long shift. I love getting flowers, especially from students.

Last week, I set some Operation Get Fit goals. I managed to achieve all three goals. I went above and beyond my walking goal. I think I walked everyday but two days of the week. However, some days I doubled up on walks. Kiddos have been super awesome about getting out on the walking trails.

Today I had worked 10.5 hours, attended a lengthy staff meeting and got the kiddos home for a late yet healthy dinner. We went for our nightly walk after dinner despite my sore calves. I’m already dragging ass but I must have mustered up some motivation. To my surprise the kiddos and I started jogging and to be honest it wasn’t that bad.


The view on the trail out back of our home is pretty lovely. It’s a nice place to go for a walk or a jog.

This weeks goals:

  • staying on track with healthy eating
  • using my walking app as a motivational tool
  • starting the couch to 5k program
  • lots of summer camp planning
  • learning more about Scentsy

Let’s see how weak number two of Operation Get Fit goes. So far I have been fitting walks and healthy eating into my crazy schedule. Wish me luck y’all!

Operation Get Fit – My Noom Workout


I walked with MapMyWalk! Distance: 0.90km, time: 12:29, pace: 13:51min/km, speed: 4.33km/h.

I used this super cool app for the first time tonight, it’s called Noom Map My Walk! It was suggested by a fellow blogger and I love it. Kiddos and I only had time for a short walk but at least we got out! I needed it after a day of sitting at an Early Childhood Education conference. Perk of my day, getting away from children to go learn about children in a catered venue. Pretty swanky! Anyhow, I can’t wait to use this app more!!


Kiddos had fun blowing dandelions and making wishes. My son tells me, “mommy we should go on walks every night to help you get rid of your fatness.” If he wasn’t four, I’d be a little hurt. My daughter responded, “that’s not nice, you should say bigness.” They have big hearts but apparently need to be educated about being a little more sensitive! One thing that I am really realizing more than ever right now is that the kiddos and I are really a great team. We may be a little family but we have big love for each other.

Operation Get Fit – Love Letter to Carbs


Operation Get Fit

I’m lucky to have an awesome friend that is helping to motivate my butt. This girl has completed her own weight loss journey through biking and walking. She is very inspiring! I let her plan our walking route today and let me tell you we don’t start small. She planned a walk up a pretty high hill. I was terrified that I might not make it to the top of the hill but I did it!! In way less time than what we had anticipated at that. Yay me! After we made it back down the hill we walked some of the local trails also. Feeling energetic aside from my sore calves.

the walkI’m only on day two of operation get fit and I’m noticing that I am going to have trouble with the food. I like my bun at subway, I like bagels and I love pasta. I’ve done okay with the food but it is only day two. I’m not sure I can keep pretending to not love carbohydrates. I even had a Hershey’s kiss as an after walk reward. Oh carbohydrates and sweets, why must I love you so?


Operation Get Fit – Bushed



I’m very proud of my little family, the kiddos are embracing operation get fit with me. We went for a family walk across the “big” bridge near our house last night. My little guy almost made it across and my daughter well, she was way ahead of us the entire time. I was completely bushed last night but I feel great this morning!

Heading out for a kiddo free walk this morning, hello jello legs haha. Feeling strong and motivated 🙂

Operation Get Fit – The Harsh Reality


Operation Get Fit - The Harsh Reality

This morning I stood contemplating whether I should step on the scale or not. Three tiny little numbers were about to show me my harsh reality. Do I actually want to know? Can I really make a change? Such a silly little thing to get so anxious about.

After I psyched myself up I stood on that scale and embraced the numbers it unveiled. Three tiny little numbers strung together that showed me the highest weight I have ever been in my life. To be honest I am so shocked that I can’t even share these depressing little numbers in this post, maybe some day. Hopefully after seeing some results!

As upsetting as it is to see how much I weigh, I’m trying to use it as motivation to succeed. I know I don’t want to gain any more weight. I want to be more energetic and active. It would be nice to work myself up to jogging. That way I could play tag and run around with my kiddos for longer.

For this week I am setting little goals:

  • Decreasing my portion sizes
  • Eliminating fast food
  • Walking with the kiddos at least three nights

Friends and family tell me that I don’t look as big as what I am but I don’t want to feel as big as what I am. It’s lovely to hear that you are a pretty girl but you have to believe it. Any weight loss tips are welcome! I know it’s going to be a long journey but well worth it.