Tiffany’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on YouTube


Have you accepted the “ice bucket challenge” yet? My Scentsy lead challenged me. All I can say is, COLD!!

All for a great cause, donate below!


You’ve got a friend in me


My weekend started off on a sad note, my son left Thursday night to go on his first family trip with his father’s family. I always hate the night that my son leaves for his father’s but I put on my big  girl panties and wait until he’s gone to have a good cry about it. I hope he has a blast but I just get this feeling in the pit of my stomach that worries me. It’s almost like I just sent my son off with a stranger. After three years of being with my ex I realized I never really knew him, I only knew the him that he wanted me to know. So this trip has really made my anxiety flare up, I had the first panic attack that I’ve had in over a year Thursday night.

One of my ways of dealing with my anxiety aside from medication is to surround myself with friends. What better way to cheer up then to spend time with the people who know you best. The people who crack inappropriate jokes, accept your children and don’t give a damn about your messy house. So I planned a barbecue get together to keep my mind busy. My friends and I had been wanting to make these cocktails called purple rain, so we gave it a try. Well my one girlfriend decided she should spend the night with her son because it is better to be safe then sorry after a drink or two. The night was a blast. I knew that having a get together would ease my mind and help me relax.

At the end of the evening I sent my tipsy friend off to bed and I slept in the same room as our children. Well, right after I laid down my friend’s son sat up and started throwing up exorcist style right on my floor. After a few cocktails this is not how you want your evening to end. So I got him up, cleaned him up, woke up mom to let her know and then the dreaded part came… I cleaned the throw up!

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This morning I teased my friend, telling her that it was the grossest thing I’ve ever had to do. Honestly, it’s up there on the list. If it had of been a stranger’s child though there’s NO WAY I would have done it. My friend however is a single mother also and she deserves to have a drunken night once in a while just like anybody else. So again I put on my big girl panties and got through the grossest thing I’ve ever had to do. These are things best friends do for each other. We cheer each other up during the hard times, look out for each other, and yes clean up a child’s puke when one of us has had too much to drink and can’t do it.