Suck That Monday! Positivity Takes the Lead


Please excuse my title but I had a fantabulous Monday! I don’t even think that is a word in the English vocabulary but today it is. It’s been a while since I’ve stepped on a scale so this morning I thought, why not? Well, verdict is…drum roll please…10 pounds down!!

 omg-scaleI’ve been working on dropping the pounds since about mid June, so for almost two months now. I was actually really happy to see the ten pound drop. I hope to drop 10 more by the end of September. *Fingers Crossed*

The second thing that made my Monday rock was receiving an incentive/reward from Scentsy. I checked my full mail box (I check it like 3 times a month) and I had a charm representing a successful start to my new business. I became a consultant in June with little expectation and have actually realized that I really love sharing the product with others. I met a deadline that was set by the company and qualified for almost $300 worth of free products! Thanks to my amazing friends/family I have thrived as a Scentsy consultant thus far.

shooting star   The rest of my Monday was smooth sailing, I hope the rest of the week is just as nice. I’m ending the day off with tea and an episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Total trash television for the mind, have to get my drama fix somewhere.



Sparkly new running shoes


Sunday morning, I woke up in time to have a few minutes of me time! Peace and quiet. I watch my children sleep and hope they wake up with a positive attitude to start the day.

We had a good chat last night about feelings and appreciation. I felt really sad after leaving our shopping trip feeling unappreciated. The tattered old slipper will explain more in-depth how I felt.

After our shop hopping experience I asked both of my kiddos to spend some time in their own rooms. We all needed time to think about our actions and I needed a moment to feel upset. After our calm down time I talked to each of my kiddos one-on-one. We came to the conclusion that we need to be a team not just mom vs. the world.

As a mom I can only hope that our little chat made a big impact. We had family night last night without television or friends joining us, which was what we needed. We played crazy 8’s and read books until both kiddos were fast asleep in their book nook.

imageI gladly report that both of my kiddos woke up in a happy, positive mood. E went to work feeding the cats and S cleaned out the book nook. Both kiddos helped me make breakfast and clean up after we were finished.

Today I feel like a sparkly new pair of running shoes, possibly even a cute pair of heels.

Inspired by a fruit of another… blogger


What do you NEED to make yourself happy? I read a blog post this morning that really spoke to me. The more you know, the less you need. The blogger, Humping Heart spoke about the fact that when she really thought about it her definition of happiness was a warm cup of coffee and a good book to read. I myself have played victim of wishful thinking at times. I’ve thought, if I just made a little more money my children would have the best of everything. We  would be able to take lavish vacations and never have financial issues. Happiness right? Maybe for a while.

What it all boils down to in the end for myself though is watching my children grow in good health. I feel the most joy when I watch one of my children master a new task, create a masterpiece, pretend to be a firefighter or any of the other numerous things they do daily. As much as they drive me crazy they are also what makes me the happiest in this world. I couldn’t live without them but I can live without fancy things, tropical vacations and disposable cash.

My little family is my definition of happy, what’s yours?


Do you choose hapiness?



The last few days have been full of ups and downs. The most recent dilemna, my basement apartment deciding to flood this morning. I’m extremely greatful that I was home and was able to keep the water under control. If not my kiddos and I would have been swimming like mermaids by the end of the day.


It seems that for every one thing that goes right, two go wrong. I refuse to except defeat though. The little set backs are now categorized under the life speed bump category. If the moments of let down weren’t considered little bumps in the road I’d be completely miserable with my unfortunate luck. Instead of feeling down I choose happy.

“Happiness is not a destination. It is a way of life.”