Operation Get Fit – Love Letter to Carbs


Operation Get Fit

I’m lucky to have an awesome friend that is helping to motivate my butt. This girl has completed her own weight loss journey through biking and walking. She is very inspiring! I let her plan our walking route today and let me tell you we don’t start small. She planned a walk up a pretty high hill. I was terrified that I might not make it to the top of the hill but I did it!! In way less time than what we had anticipated at that. Yay me! After we made it back down the hill we walked some of the local trails also. Feeling energetic aside from my sore calves.

the walkI’m only on day two of operation get fit and I’m noticing that I am going to have trouble with the food. I like my bun at subway, I like bagels and I love pasta. I’ve done okay with the food but it is only day two. I’m not sure I can keep pretending to not love carbohydrates. I even had a Hershey’s kiss as an after walk reward. Oh carbohydrates and sweets, why must I love you so?