Music Makes My World Go Round – Country Edition


Through out my life there have been many songs that have related to a certain time or situation that I have been going through. I could write about a million and one of them but I’m only choosing three for today. Three country songs that pull on my heart-strings. Enjoy!


Thompson Square – Are You Going to Kiss Me or Not

When I think about the kind of love that I want, I think of this song! It’s sweet and sincere. The couple that sing it are actually a real life couple. How cute, right? It makes me feel all mushy inside. I want raw emotion and straight to the point! The question remains though, are there any of these sincerely sweet guys left that are not married? One can only hope, I mean I’m not getting any younger. If not, this chick is pretty independent and self-sufficient. I honestly just adore Are You Going to Kiss me or Not, it makes my sunshine and rainbows side come out. Plus the singer has wicked hair, I love the black and blonde!

Tim McGraw – My Little Girl

Every time I hear this song it makes me think of how a father is supposed to be. How I would have wanted my father to have felt about me. I never had the chance to get to know my father but I do know my little girl. This song has been our song since she was in the womb. I fell in love with it, how it captured the love that a parent has for their little girl. Every word, every emotion in this song relates to my relationship with my daughter. She’s beautiful from the inside out and I couldn’t have asked for a better daughter. I feel protective of my little girl, even though I know she can hold her own. I know one day she will be grown but she will be fine because I know she is a brave, smart and creative girl. I’m the mother and the father of my children, it’s okay for me to steal a father/daughter song.

Little Big Town – Pontoon

Every time I hear this song I am transported back to the summer of 2012, hanging out with Mr Drunky Monkey. It makes my heart ache a little bit. He LOVED this song and played it loud and proud every time it came on. The cutest part is that he had my daughter hooked on the song as well. To this day she still asks me to put on, on the pontoon. I miss watching my kiddos and Mr Drunky Monkey singing and playing together. However, I still know that things worked out for the best. I sometimes think he is the one that got away. However, my children deserve much better. I deserve much better!!

25 Songs 25 Days: Day 13 – Reminder of a Former Friend


I am one of the lucky few that has stuck with most of my closest friends since the beginning. I’ve also found a few hidden gems along the way. My friends honestly mean the world to me and I don’t know what I’d do if they weren’t in my life.

There are a few people that I have met along this journey called life that I have lost touch with however. One of which was a close girlfriend that I had all through public school and high school. We were both socially awkward and had vivid imaginations. Honestly we were like two peas in a pod. We went from being super close to barely talking after high school. She had moved on to University with her boyfriend while I was back at home working a minimum wage job trying to get by. Over the years we have tried to stay in touch but I wouldn’t really consider us close friends anymore. We’re lucky if we talk once a year.

Whenever I hear techno beats though it takes me back to the days when Syb was my BFF and we danced in the dark with our glow sticks. Those were the days. I actually posted this song to Syb’s Facebook page a few years back suggesting that she check it out, she replied that it was actually her favorite song at the time. Somehow this didn’t surprise me, we always did know each other pretty well. At times I miss her terribly but life has a funny way of working out.


25 Songs 25 Days: Day 3 – A Song that Reminds you of your Mother


The song “Black Velvet” by Alannah Myles brings me back to being a little girl sitting in the back seat of my moms car. Mom had the cassette in the tape player, every time Black Velvet came on mom blasted it and sang along. I was such a quiet kid just like my mother. To this day she is a very quiet and withdrawn woman. However, when she blasted Alannah Myles I remember thinking my mom is a bad ass! I always wanted to know what she was like when she was a biker chick road tripping across Ontario with my biological father. I feel like this song related to her wild side.

My mom is one of my best friends even though we don’t talk or see each other nearly enough. She has such a big heart and has always been there for me. Although we have major differences I appreciate her everyday and hope that she can one day understand my wild side as well.


25 Songs 25 Days: Day 2 – A song that reminds you of your most recent ex-boyfriend


When I think of Mr Drunky Monkey the song “Sparks Fly” by Taylor Swift instantly pops into my head. Every time it comes on the radio it makes me think of him. It makes me think of the nights we would hang out listening to country music all night long. He loved Taylor Swift and would end up playing this song multiple times throughout the night. It’s a bitter-sweet memory.

Feel free to join in on the 25 Songs 25 Days challenge, it’s been fun!


25 Songs 25 Days: Day 1 – A song from your childhood


Day 1: 25 Songs 25 Days

I recently came across this challenge while browsing through Anna’s blog, My Eclectic Existence. Immediately I knew that I wanted to participate in this fun music challenge, it’s right up my alley. So here we go…

Day 1: A song from your childhood


When I was a little girl my Nana sang this song to me all the time. She used to bounce me on her knees and sing to me in silly voices. It made me feel special and loved unconditionally. My Nana is missed a great deal, I will cherish this memory always.