A Sunday Well Spent


The morning was spent sipping coffee and watching cartoons with the kiddos. I love a relaxed start to my Sunday, it just needs to happen before the busy work week begins again.


When we were getting ready to leave the house my son checked on our veggies. The cucumbers that my kinders planted were brought home at the beginning of the summer. I can gladly say that we now have cucumbers!


My son picked one of his cucumbers on the way out the door. He ate it just like an apple. He’s such a great eater, it honestly amazes me!


It was also my little nephews birthday today, he turned four. My kiddos were really excited to visit and help him celebrate. I love how happy they make each other and hope they always stay this close. I also found out my sister is expecting baby number two! *Fingers crossed* Our family could use another girl and my nephew could use a little sibling.

To end the day kiddos and I went to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I was so unsure about seeing this movie, I mean I love the classic. I have to admit though I really loved it, like I would watch it again in a heart beat.


Thoughts, comments or questions below. Happy Sunday!


25 Songs 25 Days: Day 11 – That’s the Glory of Love


Today’s song is supposed to be a song from the soundtrack of your favorite movie. I’m just not sure I can narrow myself down to one, I mean I like all kinds of movies. I can easily say that I will never stop loving the movie Beaches though. It’s an oldie but a goody! I started watching it when I was a little girl before I even understood the plot of the movie. The character CC Bloom intrigued me and I remember wanting to have a best friend just like her

It’s been years since I’ve watched Beaches but I’m sure despite the cheesy acting it would still make me cry. I’m pretty sure the friendship that CC Bloom and Hilary have is just like the friendship my best friend and I have. I’ll admit I’m likely the Bette Midler in the relationship though.