Horsing Around with Nature Noodles


It’s nature week at my camp right now and who shows up at the lake today other than a girl with a horse. The young girl was great, she let all my camp kids feed and pet her horse Phantom. The children were just so engaged and in love with this horse, it was awesome to watch.


I really love the location of my summer camp. The most random things happen. For example, while I was sitting on the beach today a snake just came slithering up beside me and scared the crapola out of me. This was snake numero two of the day, yuck!!

After the outdoor adventures the kiddos and I went back to camp and made nature noodles (green food coloured spaghetti).


Last year I started the tradition of wacky spaghetti day with the camp kiddos. You eat spaghetti with anything other than a fork, knife or spoon. Of course the children love this idea, it’s so messy!


My daughter is a seasoned pro, we have wacky spaghetti nights at home sometimes. So she goes for the utensils with some grip.

Loving summer days at camp, a little sad it’s almost over!


25 Songs 25 Days: Day 7 – A Song That Reminds you of Last Summer


The song “Nothing But Summer by Dallas Smith” was the anthem for the summer of 2013. Last summer I ran a summer camp for children aged 4-12, it was a blast. The children had so much energy and got me pumped up for a great summer. I had one little girl in particular that LOVED to sing country tunes. She often told me that Brad Paisley was coming over to watch her perform later, so cute!

At the end of each day I had this little girl for a longer period of time then the rest of the children. We would pump the country tunes and have dance parties until her mom showed up to take her home. I don’t think I will EVER be able to forget her belting Dallas Smith out at the top of her lungs. Nothing But Summer is an awesome summer song for sure!

Another song that was played often was “Macho Man by The Village People.” I had two brothers that loved singing Macho Man, it was hilarious watching them sing and dance.

“Body, body….wanna feel my body baby”


Thee ol’ bucket list



I have so many things that I want to do/see in my life. Some are short-term and some are long-term. I’m sure I need to stop over thinking though and start doing. Here are some of the goals I have right now:

1. Taking my children on a weekend getaway to Niagara Falls

2. Attending make-up schooling or a MAC pro class

3. Touring a cave – the Hell Holes

4. See a Medieval Times show

5. Learn to paint with water colours

6. Grow my own garden


7. Own my own home

8. Swim with dolphins

9. Take my children to Disney World

10. Quite smoking

11. Take a glass blowing glass

12. Go on a wine tour

13. Get a real massage

14. Vacation in Costa Rica

15. Travel around Europe

16. Take my daughter Sienna to Siena, Italy

17. Drop a few dress sizes

18. Sky dive

19. Scuba dive

20. See Luke Bryan live in concert or attend a country music festival

21. Spend more time reading to my children

22. Finish at least one novel a month

23. Learn to crochet

24. Travel beyond the province of Ontario – coast to coast

25. Kiss a cute boy in the pouring rain

26. Walk behind a waterfall

27. Cliff dive

28. Participate in the Run or Dye Marathon summer 2014 – August 9th is the date!!

29. Do the art in the county tour to check out funky local artists

30. Start a summer 2014 fun bucket list for the kiddos and I

I’m sure I will have more to add as I go but this is a good start for now!

What is high up there on your bucket list? Comment and let me know! Cheers